Friday, December 28, 2007

American students have created an electronic stethoscope

Experts of the American company have created the superoxidized water which should replace medical products of healing, disinfectant and restoring action. Development belongs to Oculus company. A key element of special water is a component named Microcin, which represents lattices from oxychloride ions - the charged molecules, which block a number of microbes. New development is effective at the preventive of diabetes, an ulcer and thrombus. Also new water kills only alien micro-bodies and sick cells, and healthy cells are interconnected, therefore this method is harmless for them. Experts of the company comment, that usual water also contains ions, hypochlorites and other elements, however their contents in it is not enough. Now experts assure that the superoxidized water is able to kill 10 kinds of bacteria which are on one ot the other way connected to various diseases. The company plans to present its invention at the International biomedical conference in Monte Carlo.

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