Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Digital Camera: The New Age Of Photography

That digital cameras have brought about a sea change in the world of photography is undeniable. How one captures, prints and stores photo prints has been revolutionized. We no longer need to have loads of patience to wait for the photographer to slowly develop, print and deliver the photos in his sweet time.

Numerous kinds of digital cameras are found in shops and every one of them is different from the rest. The inbuilt features of the cameras decide the price tags so it will not be tough to take your pick if you are limited by your budget. However, if your pocket is not a constraint then you need to be more selective of what you buy.

Incase you purchase a camera with advanced features that you wont require, you are using a letest technology, just as is the case if you buy one that doesn`t have all the attributes that you need. Whatever the case, the resolution of the camera is of cardinal importance because if it doesn`t match your requirements then it would be a total waste in terms of processing power, space for storage as well as money. Earlier on, only a resolution of 1 mega pixel was available but now resolutions up to 10 mega pixels are available and this renders excellent picture quality.

It is a folly to think that the higher the picture resolution, the better are the chances of good photo quality. If your objective is to take snaps for use on the computer, such as for web posting, or emailing, a lower resolution picture will serve the purpose quite well, as will, a low capacity memory card. All the functions of a digital camera can be executed just as well with less memory.

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