Thursday, August 21, 2008

Break That Bingo Record with Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes name is deeply entrenched in the United Kingdom’s betting scene. With its 200 land-based betting shops across the country, Ladbrokes has built itself as one of the most sought-after avenue for sports-betting, online casinos and bingo . Having partnered with the Hilton group made the establishment stronger when it comes to providing services to the gaming community. Online bingo is just one of the many aspects of business, but it does not mean that Ladbroke has little regard for online bingo market. To start off, they will give you an additional £20 on your initial deposit (which should be no less than £10). The free £20 will be given within 48 hours of spending your starting deposit. Ladbrokes Bingo, as a way of thanking their players, hosts free bingo games that will let you win £75 every game without paying for a single ticket. The free bingo event operates from 6:54 to 7:50 PM; Fridays to Sundays, after the 75 ball super games that guarantee a £7,500 win.

The site, which offers live chat rooms, let’s you connect with your friends without having to miss your favorite bingo games. You can set your game to auto dab so the system automatically marks the numbers on your cards while you fill in the latest gossips to your online buddies. Participate in chat games and win tons of prizes. A range of chat games like Fastest Fingers First, Ask the Audience, Phone a Friend, 50 / 50 have been created to take online chatting to the next level. Horse Race, Quote Me Silly and Karaoke Queen games are also available on the site’s lounge. In Karaoke Queen, the chat moderator will say a line from a well-known song, and all you need to do is type “karaoke” and the song title for you to win a prize, as fun and easy as that. To bolster their customer service, Ladbrokes has a live chat support and toll-free customer service phone number to assist you in any inquiries. Go on over to Ladbrokes website and liven up your online bingo gaming experience.

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