Thursday, November 6, 2008

System specification of phone watch

The network speciation of phone watch is very good. The ringtones types of this cell are polyphonic 64 channels with support MP3, MP4 midi of ringtone formats. The music supported of MP3 back ground play equalizer. The video in the phone watch is also very good that supports 3GP. Its having MP3 which Support Midi, WAV; AAC/MP3, MP4 which supports full movie full screen play, it also MP4 record. Phone mobile having an inbuilt memory card which can extend, its having a high-definition camera it’s having a facility of document management, and the connectivity phone watch is through GPRS / WAPS.

The battery back up of this phone watch is very good, and the talk time is also very good the stand by time. The watch size is so nice that it can be easily visible and easily operated and the keypad and the touch screen is a try mode touch panel and is easily operated. It’s very good for playing game with a keypad and a touch screen both. There are many kind of phone watch which satisfies the different needs it’s a thing with a low price and a high grade. The recharging time of this cell is very good. Its have lot so of verity like flip phone, mobile watch

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