Saturday, December 27, 2008

LiquidationLinks Helps Liquidate Inventory

Liquidation Links Asset Recovery Specialists can handle and purchase an immense amount of inventory at a negotiated price. Liquidation Links will efficiently handle all the logistics after the inventory is ready to be purchased.

LiquidationLinks takes over all the returned merchandise that a retailer, manufacturer, Distributor, has an excessive amount of. Thereafter we handle all the Logistics from freight as well as customs into the U.S or from the U.S into Canada. Liquidation Links has inventory in the U.S as well as Canada.

Products Liquidation Links carry are primarily Consumer Electronics, but we do Handle, House ware, Food &Beverages, Apparel & Fashion, Hard goods, Computer Hardware & Software, Excess Inventory, Furniture, Health & Beauty, Toys, Jewelry.

LiquidationLinks can help your company turn inventory/assets in to working cash for your company. Liquidation Links can move a tremendous amount of overstock inventory in a short amount of time. Liquidation Links also offer wholesale bulk pricing on all types of electronic merchandise and gaming consoles.

Liquidation Links headquarters are located in Canada; however we deal in the USA as well as CA. LiquidationLinks uses it’s international connections and network to help you unload the merchandise and inventory that you need to Liquidate.

Contact Liquidationlinks and discover a more effective way to liquidate inventory.

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