Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Is Good Money?

So many people today want to know how to make good money. But what is good money? Good money to one person may be chump change to another. Therefore, a very important thing is deciding what is good money to you.

For the sake of this article let us say good money is enough money to pay your rent and mortgage, buy food, pay for your transportation and utilities including your phone, buy some clothes, have some pocket money and some extra money to save. You essentially want to be able to pay all of your monthly living expenses, have some entertainment and be able to sock away a bit for the future or hard times.

This certainly is not an unreasonable demand for a reasonable person. If you are willing to devote at least 8 hours a day laboring at something, at least it should support you. But the reality is that for many people this is not the reality. It more incomes just to barely make the bills and this is not luxury living.

How did we all get into this mess in the first place? Who designed this scenario for us? Some people say the Federal Reserve which is not really a government organization but an organization made to look like it belongs to government. They say that this organization is owned and run by a handful of wealthy families who concocted this grand scheme to enslave the whole world and to ensure that they stayed wealthy.

If you have any consumer loans or a mortgage you may have felt the effects of how greedy lenders can make our lives sheer misery. Today I looked at one of my credit card statements only to discover that the due date was a moving target.

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