Saturday, June 21, 2008

Water Purifier

Water purifiers have now become a mandatory home appliance. With the pollution surrounding us, life supporting elements like air and water have been contaminated. The deadly maladies spreading through water have become a matter of concern. Each year around a million people fall sick due to contaminated water and many die. Drinking clean and pure water should be made a habit and Kent has been in this purification service for over a decade. Set up in Noida in 1995, Kent’s innovations in water purification have been renowned world over by claiming the ‘Best Domestic Purifier’ award by UNESCO in 2006-2007 & 2007-2008 and ‘Water Digest International’ and ‘The Golden Peacock’ Award for the best Eco-Innovation, both for 2007.

Kent has introduced the revolutionary Mineral RO technology which can even eliminate the dissolved impurities in the water while preserving the essential minerals in the water. It offers dual purification form bacteria and viruses. This purifier works well with water from all sources like from bore-wells, overhead storage tanks, municipal tanks etc. Even in the traditional UV (Ultra-Violet) purification system Kent has emerged as a winner with its Ultra UV technology. It has a multiple filtration system of Sediment and Nano filters which help in eradicating bacteria almost completely.

These innovative technologies have boasted the sales and the reputation of the company to a great extent. Offering quality products and good after sale services has made Kent a respectable brand. Their endorsements have also gained immense popularity starring the dream girl Hema Malini and her both daughters. Further Kent’s pioneering Smart UF technology uses new hollow fiber casing to totally purify the municipality water. It operates without electricity, so now even power cuts won’t be an issue in purify water. It has a storage capacity of about 8 liters to store the purified water and thus is a step ahead than any other available water purifier. Kent water purifiers remove the impurity, the seeming bad odor and make it safe for consumption. Kent water purifiers are low on maintenance and are a one time reasonable investment to a healthy and pure source of drinking water.

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