Friday, June 27, 2008

The future of Wireless Technology

The term Wireless is used for a device using electromagnetic waves for an electronic operation rather than hard wires. A wireless is generally used to transfer data on a long distance. Wireless technology is rapidly evolving theses days. Some examples where wireless systems are very common are mobile phones and pagers, navigation systems, wireless computer mouse, satellite television, portable radios, TV remote controls, wireless phones etc. Wireless can be divided into following categories: -

* Portable wireless – It includes the operation of battery-operated wireless devices or systems such as cell phones and PCS units
* fixed wireless – it includes the operation of wireless devices or systems connected to the Internet and modems
* Mobile wireless –It includes the use of wireless devices or systems in moving motor vehicles, which include the automotive cell cellular phone and computers.

Wireless systems are actually not very safe. We have some quick tips to protect your valuable data: -

1. Always use a firewall with your PC.
2. Avoid using public wireless systems for accessing your bank accounts.
3. Hide your valuable data through encryption.
4. Switch off your wireless system if you are not using it.
How a Wireless System Works A wireless microphone system converts the audio signal created by the microphone to a radio signal which is sent to the sound system by a transmitter. The radio signal is similar to those used by television and FM radio stations. At the other end the receiver converts the frequency into an audio signal.

Future of wireless systems: - The LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology is gaining momentum these days which says improving standards of mobile phone to cope up with future technological requirements by reducing cost and improving efficiency.Many officials like telephone companies, technology firms, mobile phone makers, industrialists are using wireless technology systems

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