Monday, July 21, 2008

Digital Cameras

Canon has well above 1000 patented digital technologies and is seeking extended innovation each year. Most of the Canon digital cameras have a 9- point AiAF, i.e. providing true auto-focus. The screen is divided into 9 parts and the focus is captured with finesse. This is unique from the traditional 5- point auto-focusing methodology. Canon also developed the popular multi face detection technology that enables to detect up to 9 faces in its lower end digital cameras and up to 35 faces in its higher end cameras. This feature is also extended to its video shooting function. The video capturing mode has this feature extended by incorporating ‘face select and tracking’ which enables you to track a face among a crowd.

Canon’s digital SLR’s sports the ground breaking ESO technology. This technology has an integrated cleaning system which functions to remove the dust particles on the lens and on the image. It has inbuilt hardware to shake off the dust particles from the lens and software to remove the sticky dust grains from the image. Thus it aims at providing the best possible image by removing all faults. They have also initiated the anti-noise processing which takes care that no dots or white lines are formed in the image unlike other cameras which remove the noise after the image is taken which might result in distortion of the image.

Some of the highly rated Canon Digital Camera include PowerShot, IXUS and EOS. The PowerShot is aimed at the simple point and shoot user, the price is affordable and it features cameras below 10 mega pixels available in varied colour options and designs. The IXUS series is the mid-range digital camera offering that are more advanced and bit pricey. The ESO series offers digital SLR’s that are meant for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. These SLR’s are available with different range lenses. Canon has roped in Sachin Tendulkar as their brand ambassador for marketing of their popular product line. Canon has emerged as a pioneer in its design, technology, and usability thus becoming a name synonymous to photography.

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