Sunday, July 6, 2008

Classic iPod

The iPod classic is a portable media player marketed by Apple Inc. It is the flagship model in Apple's iPod family. To date, there have been six generations of the iPod classic, as well as a spin-off (the iPod photo) that was later re-integrated into the main classic line. All generations use a 1.8-inch hard drive for storage. The "classic" retronym was introduced with the introduction of the sixth-generation iPod classic on September 5, 2007;[1] prior to this, iPod classics were simply referred to as 'iPods'.
iPods with color displays use anti-aliased graphics and text, with sliding animations. All iPods have five buttons and the later generations (4th and above) have the buttons integrated into the click wheel — a design which gives an uncluttered, minimalist interface. The buttons are:

* Menu: to traverse backwards through the menus, and toggle the backlight on older iPods
* Center: to select a menu item
* Play / Pause: this doubles as an off switch when held
* Skip Forward / Fast Forward
* Skip Backwards / Fast Reverse
In March 2002, Apple added limited PDA-like functionality: text files can be displayed, while contacts and schedules can be viewed and synchronized with the host computer.[2] Some built-in games are available, including Brick (a clone of Breakout), Parachute, Solitaire, and Music Quiz. A firmware update released in September 2006 brought some extra features to fifth generation iPods including adjustable screen brightness, gapless playback, and downloadable games (available for purchase from the iTunes Store).

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