Sunday, October 12, 2008

Maintain Security with 123Together Exchange Hosting

The internet has provided the world with a medium of communication that offers limitless possibilities and potential pitfalls in equal quantities. There is no question that the ability to transfer ideas and concepts instantly to another part of the globe has opened up new markets and made many companies ultra successful, but for every positive benefit there is usually an equally dangerous hazard that needs to be avoided.

Your company data should be secure and your network must be invulnerable from attack by viruses and hackers if you are going to succeed in the world of internet marketing and communications. 123Together, a US-based Exchange Hosting Provider, has installed safeguards that ensure its clients are protected from the dangers that exist out there. 123Together Exchange hosting incorporates an Enterprise managed firewall and screens all inbound and outbound emails for harmful viruses.

Daily back-ups of all files is a procedure that business people know must be done but often neglect in their busy schedules. 123Together Hosted Exchange backs up files daily and stores them in a secure datacenter that is safe enough to be used by the NYSE. All of the latest security holes and methods being used by hackers are protected against and you can leave your office every day knowing that your data is secure.

Owning or managing a business of any kind requires more hours than most people have available in day. There are certain tasks that should be left to professionals that have experience in those specific areas. 123Together is an industry leader in shared and dedicated Exchange hosting and can handle your data storage and security issues while providing you efficient hosting exchange server access and mobility options to make your life easier.

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