Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Urban Clothing Store Specializing in Ed Hardy

If the phrase “Ed Hardy jeans sale” does not get you excited, then you have not been paying attention to latest trends. The Ed Hardy clothing line is just the latest stunningly successful endeavor of fashion mogul, Christian Audigier and that alone is enough to get the stars excited. These days say “Ed Hardy on sale” out loud and you’ll get the attention of everybody within hearing distance, but it wasn’t always like that.

Ten years ago, the idea of unknown Audigier and tattoo inspired fashion, would have probably made many fashion forward folks laugh out loud. After arriving unemployed in the states in 2001, Christian Audigier is now at the center of one of the most meteoric rises in fashion history.
He is known far and wide as the top designer for Diesel, Fiorucci, Bisou Bisou and Von Dutch and now adds Ed Hardy to his collections as well.

A true case of life influencing fashion can be seen in the story of Ed Hardy. With the popular followings of tattoo shows such as Miami and LA Ink, tattoos and the art inspired by them have been slowly seeping into the mainstream line of sight. As a true artist and traditional tattooist, Don Ed Hardy can be seen as one who has been waiting for this day to come for quite some time. With an honorary doctorate from the San Francisco Art Institute, this California native is recognized around the world for his hypnotic imagery as a painter and printmaker and his tattoo influenced designs as fine art are shown in galleries and museums all over the West. Audigier saw the writing on the wall in 2004 and licensed the rights to produce the Ed Hardy clothing
line, which is based on Hardy’s imagery.

The collection represents an entire lifestyle of street couture, appealing to both men and women, with high quality, intricately designed tee shirts, caps, wovens, and outerwear. Ed Hardy fresh and inspirational designs are hot, hot hot! As Audigier keeps track of which celebrity is wearing his clothes today, cutting edge jeans urban clothing store offers a great selection of discounted Ed Hardy screened tattoo tee shirts, jeweled and glittered tee shirts and With prices at 34.99 to 149.99 (elsewhere $54 to $265), you can’t go wrong with this hot trend.

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